Developry Lite

  • Version: 1.1.2
  • Last Updated: March 25, 2024
  • Active Installations: 30+
  • PHP Version: 7.4 or higher
  • WordPress Version: 5.9 or later

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for Developry Lite, a dynamic and versatile Bootstrap starter theme crafted to simplify website development.

With over 25 starter themes from Bootswatch and an extensive range of customization options, Developry Lite empowers users to create visually stunning and fully functional websites with ease.

This detailed documentation aims to provide in-depth insights into every aspect of the theme, from installation and setup to advanced customization techniques, ensuring that you maximize the potential of Developry Lite for your web projects.

Installation and Requirements

To kickstart your journey with Developry Lite, ensure that your server meets the minimum requirements of PHP version 7.4 or higher. Installation can be completed through the following methods

Install via WordPress setup

  1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and access the ‘Themes’ section under ‘Appearance’.
  2. Click on ‘Add New Theme’ and search for ‘Developry Lite’.
  3. Once located, click on ‘Install’ and then ‘Activate’ to activate the theme.

Install via WordPress Theme repository

  1. Download the Developry Lite theme from the official WordPress Theme repository.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Themes’ section under ‘Appearance’ in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Click on ‘Add New Theme’, then select the ‘Upload Theme’ option to upload the downloaded theme zip file.
  4. After uploading, click on ‘Install’ and then ‘Activate’ to activate the theme.

Upon activation, Developry Lite prompts users to install recommended plugins such as Contact Form 7 and Developry Google Fonts. While these plugins are optional, they enhance the functionality and versatility of your website.

Install and Setup Your Starter Website

Utilize the Starter Content feature within the WordPress Customizer to expedite the setup process for your website. This feature automatically generates default pages and posts, providing a solid foundation for customization.

Additionally, you can download and import the starter content manually from here.


Developry Lite boasts a comprehensive set of features accessible through the WordPress Customizer. Not only the core WordPress theme support but there are a few other custom theme options available via the Appearance > Customize > Theme Options panel.

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  • Background Custom Colors – Tailor the background of your website with custom color options.
  • Custom Header and Logo – Personalize your website’s branding by uploading custom headers and logos.
  • Custom Menu Editor Style – Preview page styles directly within the WYSIWYG editor for seamless customization.
  • Featured Image and Header Images – Enhance visual appeal by showcasing stunning featured images and header images.
  • Flexible Header – Enjoy flexibility in header design to align with your website’s aesthetic.
  • Footer Widgets – Utilize the footer widget area to display additional content or navigation links.
  • Front Page Posting – Showcase your latest posts directly on the front page of your website.
  • Full-Width Template – Create immersive full-width pages for impactful content presentation.
  • Sticky Post – Highlight important posts by pinning them to the top of your blog with the ‘PINNED’ text indicator.
  • Theme Options – Access custom theme features exclusive to Developry Lite for enhanced functionality.
  • Threaded Comments – Foster engagement and discussion with support for threaded comments.
  • Translation Ready – Expand your website’s reach by translating content into multiple languages for a global audience.

And even more.

  • Starter Content – with one click you have your default pages and posts created on which you can build your new website; check our Getting Started video
  • Navigation-Menus – 2 navigational menus (main & social links) ready to be used
  • Responsive – the theme is fully responsive and renders perfectly on different screen sizes
  • Covers – images added via thumbnails at the top of each post or page
  • Page Excerpts  extra page excerpts help you to customize even further your pages with cover image (Hint: this feature needs to be enabled via Screen Options)
  • Contact Form 7 Ready – If you install and activate the Contact Form 7 plugin you can have a default contact form added to your Contact page
  • Archives – template page which you can use to display your site archives

Custom Theme Features

In addition to the core features, Developry Lite offers exclusive customizations through the WordPress Customizer’s Theme Options panel

  • Custom Themes – Choose from a diverse selection of color themes to match your brand identity.
  • Featured Images – Choose to display or hide your featured images at the top of posts and pages.
  • Container Width – Opt for a full-screen or fixed container width layout to suit your design preferences.
  • Sidebar Management – Customize sidebar placement or hide it entirely to optimize layout flexibility.
  • Page Title – Choose to display or hide your page titles or your own within each page content.
  • Header Styles – Based on the theme you select you might need to change your header and navbar style to use light or dark colors.
  • Search From – Toggle the navbar search form and hide it your site doesn’t require to have search functionality.
  • Background Colors: Additionally customize each Bootswatch theme major section background colors to control dark/light themes (use the transparent option for overlapping elements).
  • Additional Theme Features – Explore advanced features tailored to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience.

Tips and Tricks

Unlock the full potential of Developry Lite with these invaluable tips and tricks:

Add Custom Logo and Favicon

Brand your website effectively by uploading custom logos and favicons that reflect your brand identity.

To add a custom logo and favicon, go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity.

Hint: both images would be cropped accordingly with recommended sizes for the logo being 150×45 and a favicon of 512×512 pixels.

Change Theme Colors and Fonts

Easily customize theme colors and fonts to maintain brand consistency across your website.

Customizing theme colors and fonts is easy with our custom Theme Options; with only one click, you can switch your site styles. To do that, go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options and change the default Theme option to one of the others.

Available themes are from Bootwatch, where you can see the full view of their styles. In our current version, the following themes are included: Cerulean, Cosmo, Flatly, Journal, Litera, Lumen, Sketchy, United, etc.

Change Container Width

Leverage the full potential of Developry Lite by creating full-width pages that showcase your content in an immersive manner.

Fine-tune sidebar placement or hide it selectively to optimize space utilization and visual hierarchy.

Changing the width of the main container is also an easy task. To do that, go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options and change the Container select option.

Fixed (default) container width will change with the window size based on the Bootstrap breaks, while the Fluid container option would always stay 100% even for screens > 1200px.

Hide Page and Post Sidebar

Again another easy task with our custom Theme Options panel. Go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options and change the Sidebar select option.

The default is the traditional right sidebar, while you can move it to the left of the content or don’t have it showing up at all.

Hint: By using a Full-Width Page template, you can apply no sidebar option to only one page (see next tip)

Enable and Update Page and Post Covers

Enhance visual storytelling by incorporating cover images for pages and posts, creating a captivating user experience.

Having cover-type images is very easy as well. Firstly, you need to enable the custom Theme Options field for Featured Image to show. Just go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options and make the update.

Step two is to add/update the Featured Image to your post or page.

Note: A default image would be attached for posts and pages without Featured images (except the main blog page). However, you can change this and even have multiple randomized images via the Appearance > Customize > Header Image panel (see below for additional help).

Create a Full-width Page (without sidebar)

If you need a page without a sidebar, all you need to do is go to the desired page and change the Default Template to Full Width (no sidebar).

Note: Titles for full-width pages are not shown in the content area, and they’re used for the cover body overlay block.

Change the Default blank/empty Cover Image

While your Theme Options featured image is enabled, you will have a default / blank image loaded for posts and pages without featured images. If you want to change the default blank image with our theme or have multiple randomized images showing as covers, you need to go to Appearance > Customize > Header Image and upload your new placeholder(s).

Adding your Copyright Text

Personalize footer copyright text and social links to establish a cohesive brand identity and improve user engagement.

Changing the footer copyright text format is very easy as well. It would help if you went to Appearance > Widgets > Copyright or Appearance > Widgets and then added Text Widget to the Copyright widget block with your text formatted as you would like.

Note: This will change the default © 2018 [Your site title linked]. All rights reserved. With the Text Widget content change the layout of the footer slightly.

Update the Footer Nav Social Links

If you have a footer nav menu created and assigned, there are six available links for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram & Github, or Email Addresses.

If you load the Starter Content, these links will have some default targets; to change those, go to Appearance > Customize > Menus > Social Nav or Appearance > Menus and select Social Nav.

Download and Compatibility

Developry Lite is available for download from the official WordPress Theme repository, ensuring hassle-free installation and updates. The theme is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress 5.9 and PHP 7.4 or higher, guaranteeing seamless integration with your website environment.

License and Credits

Developry Lite is licensed under the GNU General Public License, emphasizing freedom and flexibility in its usage. Credits are attributed to various software components within the readme.txt and resources utilized in the development of the theme, including WordPress, Bootstrap, Bootswatch, jQuery, and font and image providers.


For assistance and inquiries, utilize the Support tab on the theme page. Our dedicated support team strives to address all queries promptly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience for all Developry Lite users.

We trust that this comprehensive guide will serve as an invaluable resource in harnessing the full potential of Developry Lite for your web projects.

Is Developry Lite Free?

Yes, Developry Lite is a free theme and always will be.

Does Developry Lite have a Pro version?

Yes, it does. Developry Lite has a Pro available with more custom options.

You can learn more about Developry Pro here.

Where can I find documentation?

Developry Lite has extensive documentation you can find here.

Do you offer support?

We offer support for the free theme in the forums.

Where can I find the theme options?

All of our options can be found in the Customizer in Appearance > Customize > Theme Options.

Does Developry Lite have any widget areas?

Developry Lite has up to 5 widget areas to which you can add widgets to in Appearance > Widgets.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice user, we’re committed to providing the guidance and support you need to create exceptional websites.

Should you require further assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your success is our priority.